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The World Of Work Hub Is An Initiative Profiling Many Of The Providers And Resources Available To Assist Young People In Their Transition To The Workforce.

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What Is The World Of Work Hub?

The World of Work Hub is an initiative profiling many of the providers and resources available to assist young people in their transition to the workforce.

Providing a creative and engaging environment for training providers, educational providers, careers resource providers and employers to engage with young people to assist with the decision making processes as they move from school through training to the world of work.

Key Benefits Include:

Encouraging career conversations / Sharing Inspirational journeys / Workplace profiling / Nurturing environment / Role modeling

Helping Young People Become “Work-Ready”

The World of Work is fully mobile and available for exhibition alongside local community events. Providing a cost-effective means of resourcing these events with consistent messaging and presence.

The World of Work Hub is available to anyone wanting to host a careers focused event nationwide. Including schools, expos, community career festivals etc. The World of Work Hub allows for employers and educational providers to “wrap” around the event with a powerful engagement for young people to discuss their future.

The World of Work Hub has the ability to help create “work-ready” youth through a collaborative approach and exposure to resources, employers and training providers.

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The World Of Work Case

Skill development by young people is much more effective if the world of learning and the world of work are linked together.

1. The more young people (aged 14-19) that come into contact with employers while they are at school, the less likely they are to become NEET (not in education, employment or training) between 19 and 24 years.

2. Tackling Youth Unemployment – Work Ready Kids and Youth Friendly Employers

“Employability must be considered as an outcome of schools and young people should be exposed to a wide range of career options. This can only be achieved by schools and employers systematically working together to expose young people to the opportunities available across the modern economy”.

3. Help young people (especially the “at risk”) to become more workplace aware and better equipped to engage with employers.
Help companies to establish more “youth-friendly” pathways.

1, David Turner -Internationally respected youth employment consultant. From his document: eight key factors)
2, From a report examining youth unemployment in the UK conducted by Deloitte and the UK Education and Employer’s taskforce: It’s who you meet: why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults.
3, David Turner -Internationally respected youth employment consultant. From his document: eight key factors)

What’s Included?

  • 6 x Vocational Pathway Modules: Building & Infrastructure / Social & Community / Creative Industries / Service Industries / Primary Industries / Manufacturing & Technology. Including ‘Just the Job’ marketplace video profiles.
  • Vocational Pathways explained
  • Occupational Outlook Profiles including workforce profiles
  • CV Building – Top tips for a tip-top CV
  • What Do Bosses Really Want? – What are the top 10 things
    employers are looking for!
  • 2 x Just The Job Video Consoles – Watch over 300 online career video programs.


“The World of Work exhibit was instrumental to our junior career expo in explaining and illustrating the tricky subject of vocational pathway sectors to our youngest high school students.

Not only that, it was the centerpiece to our indoor zone: It was colourful, interesting, fun and engaging; provided volume, texture and curiosity to the space; allowed students and teachers to literally explore and navigate a ‘careers space’ that would otherwise have been awkward to fill, flat and disappointing.

Mark & Nell brought the kind of experience that steadied the setup and supported the smooth running of the event. Big thanks.”

Sandor Chernoff | Education-to-Employment (E2E) Broker


The World Of Work Team Encourages You To Contact Us Today For Any Questions You May Have.
Can The Exhibit Be Used As A Stand Alone Exhibit?
Yes – While the exhibit is ideally suited to supporting a wider presentation of careers practitioners and exhibitors, it has been used well as a stand-alone resource for creating good quality career conversations and providing useful insights into the various pathways and resources.
Who Uses The World Of Work Exhibit

The World Of Work exhibit is available to anyone hosting a careers related event. Typically, Schools, Careers expo’s and youth events./p>

Who Is The World Of Work Exhibit Aimed At?
While the majority of the content is relevant to anyone seeking careers guidance and support, the exhibit is primarily targeting youth.
Do I Have To Set This Up Or Look After Anything?
NO. The full exhibit is transported to your venue and assembled on site for you.
How Much Does The World Of Work Exhibit Cost?
Currently, the Exhibit is available on a user pays basis. Please contact us with details of your dates, locations and duration of the event and we can provide a cost for you!
Can I Book It For My School / Careers Expo
Take a look at the upcoming events page, and if your date is free, drop us a line and we can talk it through.
We Are A Regional Expo, Can We Use The World Of Work Exhibit?
While the Exhibit is a valued part of the NZ Careers Expo series in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, we are very happy to support other regional expos with this resource if possible!

We totally understand the setup costs and logistics of providing this kind of exhibit and support to your event.

How Much Space Do We Need?
We can set the exhibit up in a number of different ways to accommodate the are you have available.


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